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Organ Tuning

Tuning flue pipesLike all musical instruments, pipe organs need to be tuned from time to time. Hayes Pipe Organ Service has experience using different tuning techniques on many different types of pipes, from dead-length reeds to scroll-tuned pipes on historic nineteenth-century organs to cone-tuned pipes on modern reproductions of Baroque instruments. Each pipe receives the treatment it deserves as the representative work of a master craftsman.

A full tuning, where every pipes is checked, tuned, and regulated if necessary, is not required every tuning visit. Often a tuning visit can be restricted to tuning only those pipes that need attention at that time, a practice that avoids unnecessary stress on sensitive metal and wooden components.

You can always rely on Hayes Pipe Organ Service for thoughtful and respectful treatment of your instrument during tuning visits.

Regular Maintenance

Maintenance WorkAlthough tuning individual pipes might be the most common maintenance required by your pipe organ, it's not the only service Hayes Pipe Organ Service provides.

Whether your console needs regulation and cleaning, your blower needs lubricating, or you seem to be having trouble with your combination action, ask Hayes Pipe Organ Service to take care of your regular maintenence needs.



Making repairsIn a perfect world, no musical instrument would ever be damaged, and parts would never wear out. We know that isn't the case, so Hayes Pipe Organ Service stands ready to help you with any repairs you may need.

You may not be around when the building inspector slips and damages a pipe during an annual visit. And she might not realize that bending a pipe at the mouth will cause you to lose middle c the next time you practice.

Or the next time you sit down to play, you may find the light on your pedal board isn't working, no matter how much you jiggle the switch that's been giving you trouble for a month.

The reality of multi-level memory systems means that your pipe organ may be as sensitive to electronic damage as your office computer or your laptop. A stray lightning bolt could disrupt your preparation for a service, wipe out all your pistons, or even cause physical damage to the instrument.

If you need pipes repaired, your memory upgraded, just want a new light fixture for your music rack, or have any other repair needs, let us know. We're ready to serve you.


No RebuildsA pipe organ is an artistic work of craftsmanship, one that can offer decades or even centuries of music-making to an individual or an institution. But as time passes and your needs change, it may be wise to consider making some modifications to the instrument you play regularly. That's when you consider rebuilding or enlarging the organ.

Hayes Pipe Organ Service believes that kind of work is best left to builders and not handled by regular maintenance and service personnel.

Though we don't provide that level of service, we see the result of a lot of other people's work. If you are considering having changes made to your organ, talk to us. If it's beyond our capabilities, we'll help you find the most reliable people to handle the job.